Osijek, the largest city in eastern Croatia, has been a significant political, cultural and commercial center for centuries, and recently a tourist center of this part of Croatia.
The citizens of Osijek, and more importantly, tourists and tour operators, who come to the city on the Drava river, are becoming more and more aware that Osijek is an interesting tourist destination.
Thus, a few years ago, in the organization of the Croatian Radio and Television and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce "Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia", Osijek was awarded as the most beautiful continental urban center of Croatia.
In addition to the recently started competition for the selection of seven Croatian wonders, the Osijek Fortress has been among the very top, the Osijek promenade along the Drava River (just a few steps from the Consul apartment) was declared the most beautiful promenade in Croatia several years ago, and is, today, among one of Europe's most beautiful promenades while the refurbished central city square, Ante Starcevic Square, is among the six most beautiful squares in Croatia. All these awards and nominations are not accidental, because Osijek is a city rich in cultural and historical heritage, the city which has a number of natural and geographical, historical, cultural, economic, and other features that make it an interesting and attractive city destination.